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I’m going to be intensely candid with you and march your brain cells off the cliff of indecision. Step one to starting out in any business is to realize your natural business ability. Step two is start executing with execution after execution. Isaac Newton didn’t go to a single class, but he birthed a few rules almost everything in the natural business world depend on. The first of them is that if you start executing and using that sweat equity and social intelligence, nobody making fun of your dumb haircut will stop you. Newton didn’t pause to think, he spent years combing through the old testament, trying to find messages from God. Now thousands of years after Newton, I am God and you are Moses. I’m going to light the shrubs under your ass on fire, but it will not consume you, my child.
Elon Musk started out by buying a crate of oranges and a bunch of precooked weenies to see the cost it would take just to survive and operate a business. When you walk into the office of the Muskman as I have, you can see the original crate of oranges still molding on his desk as a reminder of his humble beginnings. I myself worked in a high-end Victoria’s Secret in my years out of college. hard labor shows you what you want to run away from, and I’ve been running from female undergarments ever since.



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